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Snow Warfare Dreams.

Tiny white unique soldiers floating down from Heaven's gates.

Each and every with it's own path, tempting the fates.

Bundled up and warm, I gaze upward.

Watching and contemplating my next move against the on coming horde.

Daydreaming of hot chocolate, and a little vibrating ball of fur sitting contently on my lap.

His golden eyes shut, deep in a nap.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, the white warriors have fallen to my size eight and a half vehicles of mass destruction.

Soon I will be home to make my daydream a true life vision.
I'm extremely sorry for this, I wrote it while I was at work, and it's my first piece of writing in a while. I wrote it in about four minutes.

I like the idea, so I might expand upon it a bit further soon.

Anyway, enjoy.

Rushy Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2007
This one is well worth expanding upon :nod:
DeepChrome Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Illistrauthor makes a good point--one absolutely has to read this the second time to get what it's about. And once I got it, I really liked the twist on the meanings and what it's about.

You might want to expand ont it in an extra verse or two--like maybe how these little soldiers tempt fate by causing people to do so. Or the invasion upon the clean, untouched sidewalks and yards. Or maybe their various weapons (whiteout, ice, sleet, etc.). Becuase the entire warfare metaphor attached to snow makes a really, really nice twist, while still adding to the truth.

(Because it really is a war against snow when it comes to blizzard conditions. Which is why I think Illistrauthor and I both like this poem. It has that piece of the truth in its words.)
Illistrauthor Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2007
I read it twice over again and by the second time I was very sure that I like this piece : P you should keep writing, this is already good and you can get even better with practice... It's a good idea in a mere eight lines I think, it's full of different meanings at least to me even meanings you might have not intended that's a cool effect of enjoyable writing

and the cat description really got me. : ) the description of his or her eyes compared to the coldness of the snow, =D I loved reading
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